Monday, November 30, 2009

6LoWPAN WG meeting and 6LowApp BOF covered by ISOC newsletter

ISOC’s Rough Guide to IETF 76’s Hot Topics summerized the 6LoWPAN WG and 6LowApp BOF at IETF 76 as follows:

6lowpan (IPv6 over Low power WPAN)
The 6lowpan WG deals with the use of IPv6 over low powered networks (such as sensornets). This is protocol development for devices on “the Internet of Things”. The basic concept in 6lowpan is that IP may become a unifying layer for low powered devices for interoperability, potentially over the Internet.
6lowpan is intensely focused on developing the protocols to enable this to happen.

Full charter:

Some progress should be made in closing on standardization of a couple of documents (specifically the Neighbor Discovery document).This working group has been going on for some time and has a sense of urgency now due to the SmartGrid efforts currently gaining a lot of attention in the United States.

(10 November, 13:00-15:00)

6lowapp (Application Protocols for Low-power v6 Networks) BOF
6LOWAPP is a BOF considering whether different protocols, or modifications to existing protocols, are needed for very low power devices that may proliferate for sensor type networks. There is a great deal of enthusiasm not just to define the work of a potential working group coming out of this BOF but also to start defining problems and protocols. The mailing list for this BOF has a lot of traffic and the BOF promises to be vigorous.

(9 November, 13:00-15:00)

More: ISOC’s Rough Guide to IETF 76’s Hot Topics

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