Monday, December 7, 2009

GainSpan Receives Wi-Fi Alliance Certification for Its 802.11b/g Sensor Reference Design

SAN JOSE, CA -- 12/07/09 -- GainSpan® Corporation, a leader in highly integrated low power Wi-Fi semiconductor solutions, has been awarded the Wi-Fi Alliance's Wi-Fi CERTIFIED(TM) seal of approval for its 802.11b/g Sensor Reference design. GainSpan is the first ultra low power Wi-Fi design to achieve certification for enterprise level security as well as personal security.

The GainSpan 802.11b/g Sensor Reference design is certified for both WPA(TM) and WPA2(TM) and all EAP types including EAP-TTLS, PEAPv0, PEAPv1 and EAP-FAST. GainSpan is the only low power Wi-Fi chipmaker to bear this distinction.

The Wi-Fi Alliance certification program conducts tests on products to the 802.11 industry standards for interoperability, security, easy installation, and reliability. The WPA2-Enterprise mark indicates that a product meets the criteria established to ensure stronger data protection for larger corporate networks, as it uses a Radius server to generate an encryption key per session. This certification speeds time to market, minimizes risk and reduces the cost for customers creating Wi-Fi enabled devices.

The GainSpan Wi-Fi Alliance Certified 802.11b/g Sensor Reference design is based on the new GainSpan GS1011 SoC for wireless sensor networks. The reference design supports data rates of up to 11 Mbps, can operate in b/g networks and consumes less power than earlier designs. It is pin and package compatible with the GS1010, making for seamless hardware upgrades.

In conjunction with this reference design, GainSpan updated the software developer's kit (SDK). The run-time software is more modular, more scalable and contains an OS abstraction layer for increased portability of customer's applications. It is also optimized to take advantage of GS1011 power management capabilities to minimize energy consumption by allowing fine-grained control and enabling and disabling hardware components. With the updated SDK, OEMs can write value-added applications on top of GainSpan's software and hardware platforms, the same foundation certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

"We are very pleased to have our 802.11b/g Sensor Reference design receive the Wi-Fi Alliance stamp of approval," said Pankaj Vyas, vice president of software and systems, GainSpan. "Being the only Wi-Fi chipmaker to achieve enterprise level certification is a strong testament to our leadership in the low power Wi-Fi community. This official certification will accelerate the adoption of low power Wi-Fi technology and the rollout of more and more sensor networks in building automation and industrial applications."

About GainSpan

GainSpan Corporation is a leader in ultra low power Wi-Fi semiconductor solutions. GainSpan provides the industry's most highly integrated low power Wi-Fi chip solution for battery-powered or energy-harvesting sensor devices and other embedded systems. Devices using GainSpan's solution can run for up to 10 years on a single AA battery. GainSpan enables its customers to leverage the large installed base of Wi-Fi access points and devices and create new products for building automation, smart home energy, health monitoring, and real time location system (RTLS) applications, while reducing the overall operation and installation costs of sensor networks.

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