Tuesday, December 8, 2009

IETF Journal: A Talk with Geoff Mulligan of the IPSO Alliance

The IETF Journal sits down with Geoff Mulligan, chair of the newly formed IPSO (IP for Smart Objects) Alliance, to discuss why he believes that IP offers the most promising means for connecting smart objects.

Geoff Mulligan of the IPSO Alliance

The IETF Journal asks him the following questions: (For the answers click here)

What was the motivation behind the formation of the IPSO Alliance and what is the organization’s mission?
Can you briefly describe what you mean by the Internet of Things?
Is the Internet of Things connected to the Internet that we know today?
What is a smart object?
How is the work of the IPSO Alliance related to the IETF? And what kinds of work are you personally doing with the IETF?
What protocol work currently being done in the IETF is important to the IPSO, and when would you like to see those specs completed? Did you identify things the IETF needs to be doing that have not yet been done?
What is the smallest device or object that can be addressed with an IP address?
What are the privacy concerns with this kind of technology?
What is the relationship between this work and radio-frequency identification [RFID]?
Is there anything else you would like us to know about the work being done by the IPSO Alliance?
Answers: Here

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