Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Trend: Sensors & Mobile Phones by RWW

Sensors are rapidly growing as a source of data on the Web. A corollary is that sensor networks are an enormous opportunity for some of the big tech companies. In November we wrote about HP's CeNSE project, which aims to be a "Central Nervous System for the Earth." CeNSE is a research and development program to build a planetwide sensing network, using billions of what HP calls "tiny, cheap, tough and exquisitely sensitive detectors."

Image Courtesy: Read Write Web

According to HP Labs, CeNSE sensors will enable real-time data collection, analysis and better decision making. And what will be a key tool for doing all of that? You guessed it, the mobile phone. Imagine for example getting a real-time update of traffic conditions on your mobile phone, via sensors on a major stretch of highway.

More: RWW: 2010 Trend: Sensors & Mobile Phones

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