Sunday, January 17, 2010

Advanced Network Architecture: Next Generation IPv6 Implementation and Management by Council

A project, which I conducted back in March, 2008 discusses the ethical and legal implication that Information Technology has on society today. Furthermore, it details the development of the next generation IP protocol version 6 in the mid-1990’s by the International Engineering Task Force (IETF) and explains the hierarchy of this organization and its relationship to other organizations and, specifically, V6Ops, the IETF working group that is primarily responsible for the transitioning of IPv4 to IPv6 and the smooth, uninterrupted operation of the Internet.

Beginning with a discussion on the ethical and legal implications that Information Technology has on society as a whole, this paper introduces the development of IPv6 through the efforts of IETF, it addresses the current limitations of IPv4; looks at the cost reductions and savings that can be realized by the implementation of IPv6; addresses the regulatory requirements for implementing IPv6; looks at the skepticism surrounding the advantages that IPv6 will bring to the world markets, financial and educational institutions, the military, and local and federal government organizations; provides a timeline for implementation of IPv6 on a worldwide scale, and compares the agreements and disagreements along with the general consensus among leading analysts for the implementation of IPv6 as a whole.

This report may very well have implications for 6LoWPAN and its association with the Internet of Things.

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