Sunday, January 10, 2010

Control4's networked home energy system with Zigbee-enabled thermostat

Control4's foray into home energy management was prompted by requests from utilities seeking a company with experience in home networking, according to CEO Will West.

The company, which does home automation software, at CES showed its Energy Management System (EMS) 100, a combination of a Zigbee-enabled thermostat and touch-screen energy controller for viewing home energy data and accessing other applications. The package is set for completion April.


The Control4 Energy Management System includes a touch-screen controller which talks to a smart meter thermostat via Zigbee.
Image Courtesy: Martin LaMonica/CNET

Because Control4's technology is extensible, the energy controller can be a portal for different applications, such as deciding when to charge a plug-in electric car, or news and weather, company executives said. The controller shares information with the smart meter through Zigbee and can get information from a home Internet connection using Wi-Fi. The company launched an app store this week, which features two energy-related applications written by third parties.
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