Friday, January 22, 2010

Unlock your door using your wristwatch! (TI eZ-430 Chronos)

Image Courtesy: TI

"Zachery Shivers and I rushed this project out in the past week for the TI MSP430 Ultra-low Power Challenge. What we’ve achieved so far is a secure wireless door lock that allows you to unlock your door remotely via your RF-enabled TI eZ-430 Chronos watch."

Using the new TI eZ430-Chronos sport development watch, which is based on the CC430, we created an electronic door unlock device. The watch communicates wirelessly to lock and unlock the door after given a secret password (a sequence of taps on the watch’s 3-axis accelerometer). This system demonstrates an ultra-low power consumption wireless system using TI’s MSP430 architecture, achieving estimated battery lifetimes of over 4 years on the watch and over a year on the door.

Read More: Secure Wireless Door Lock - Zachery Shivers' blog and Hack a Day


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