Thursday, January 21, 2010

Video: David Orban's talk on Internet Of Things and Spime - WideTag

Brief presentation of the spime-based view of the Internet Of Things, the next generation network of trillions of internet connected devices. Delivered on Jan 21, 2010, in Second Life on Paris Ile De France Island, for Telecom Bretagne, invited by Hugobiwan Zolnir.

Internet Of Things - Spime Talk - WideTag from David Orban on Vimeo.

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  1. Same old story about companies trying to commercialize old ideas given them a cool name. While Sterling’s Spime definition has some merit, this is all based on the well-known, much-researched Smart Objects/ ubiquitous-pervasive computing topic. And this guy calls himself an evangelist, but he doesn’t seem very convinced about what he himself is talking about... and you know why? Because this is not new!


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