Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Visible Energy blog on HAN technologies at CES

At CES this year one could see different HAN technologies both wired and wireless all incompatible with each other. There are some compelling solutions and even proven ones. Among the communication protocols you could see HomePlug, WiFi, G.hn, P1901, ZigBee and ZWave.

Energy management does not need the bandwidth of broadband powerline solutions, nor their outrageous power consumption and cost (for the chips). We cannot afford 5W of standby power consumption just for the communication silicon alone (and the $10/chip they demand).

I have to express my personal dislike of proprietary solutions like ZigBee and ZWave and for their distasteful marketing operations. There are egregious standard 802.15 wireless technologies out there and using 6LoWPAN and IPv6 — the British company Jennic is probably my favorite.

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