Thursday, February 11, 2010

19 Industry Leaders Lend Their Insight on What Issues You Should Consider When Deploying a Sensor Network - M2M magazine

M2M magazine invited leaders in the wireless sensor networking space to share their expertise on both the business and technological aspects of implementing sensor networking technology.

1. Bottomline: Are sensor networks past their experimental phase, and does the technology really work?
2. Cost: What determines the total cost of a typical sensor-network deployment?
3. Time: What usually determines the amount of time required to deploy a sensor network?
4. Scalability: How much does the cost and complexity of a sensor network increase with the number of nodes?
5. Management: What is required to manage a sensor network on a daily basis?
6. Troubleshooting: Who is typically responsible for fixing problems with a sensor network after deployment?
7. Interface: How is sensor data usually presented to the end user?
8. Integration: How can companies integrate sensor data with other business systems?
9. Duration: How should adopters approach a temporary installation compared to a permanent one?
10. ROI: What are the best ways to measure return-on-investment for a sensor network?

1. Resources: What level of technical skill is required to set up and maintain a sensor network?
2. Setup: How is a sensor network installed and activated?
3. Logistics: What are the range limits and physical limitations of a sensor network?
4. Power: What should an adopter understand about power requirements and battery life?
5. Security: How can an adopter make sure its sensor-network data is secure?
6. Reliability: What steps should an adopter take to ensure reliability of the network?
7. Infrastructure: How can a company leverage its existing network infrastructure when deploying a sensor network?
8. Hardware: What criteria should adopters use for selecting a hardware platform?
9. Intelligence: When should a sensor network have distributed processing capability?
10 (a). Standards: What should adopters understand about the standards associated with sensor networking?
10 (b). More Standards: Which proprietary protocols should adopters avoid?

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