Monday, February 22, 2010

China: International support injected vitality in the development of the Internet of Things - Wuxi News

"An international support injected vitality to the upgrading of Wuxi Internet of Things. Wuxi High-tech Zone, Japan YRP Research and Development Association and Nomura Research Institution (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd. jointly signed a cooperative memorandum on February 5 to promote the development of Internet of Things together.

Nomura Research Institution is Asia’s largest consulting company and Japan’s second largest IT Company. It took the lead in promoting the construction of “u-Japan strategy” (or ubiquitous network) of Japanese government. Thus, it has accumulated rich experience in terms of theory research, policy making, consulting service and industrial cooperation of the Internet of Things. Yokosuka Research Park (YRP) specially set up the "u-Japan zone” in 2008 to carry out the researches and experiments in the field of wireless communication via ubiquitous network."

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