Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Construction of China's first municipal "Internet of Things" to start

The Longyan municipal government of Fujian province and Tsinghua Tongfang Company recently signed a framework cooperation agreement to construct the "Internet of Things." The construction of the "Internet of Things" will soon start in the city.

According to sources, it is China's first "Internet of Things" to be built by a city. Longyan will focus on digital urban management, "waterless harbor" and public emergency and will complete the "Internet of Things" that will cover the first, second and third industries as well as municipal management in 3 years.

Source: People's Daily Online


  1. Is funny how the concepts are teh same by they only change the name. In Korea they would have called that 3 or 4 years ago "ubiquitous city". In any case, what is described sounds hardly like an internet of things, but a smart infrastructure. I wish somebody would come up with a standard definition of Internet of Things and stop corrupting the term with any pervasive and mobile technology they come up with...

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