Monday, February 1, 2010

Contiki Projects Community Announcement - SICS

"A lot of people are using Contiki, developing software for Contiki, testing new protocols or mechanisms with Contiki, porting Contiki to new platforms, and extending Contiki with new functionality. To allow such Contiki-based projects to be accessible to all Contiki users, we have set up a new SourceForge project for new Contiki-based open source projects, dubbed the Contiki projects community

We already have a number of projects, such as an RSSI viewer for the Tmote Sky, an IPv6 adaptation of the uAODV code, a TFTP server, a RESTful web server, SafeContiki, an experimental version of Contiki with compile-time safety checks, and more. Interested in getting involved in the Contiki projects community? Read on for details. "

Read More: Announcing the Contiki Projects Community - SICS/Contiki

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