Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Project- OpenWSN: Open-Source Standards-Based Protocol Stacks for Wireless Sensor Networks

Thomas Watteyne under supervision of Kris Pister

"We are building a multi-platform, multi-operating system, fully standards-compliant interoperable wireless sensor network stack. Major standardization bodies have been looking at how wireless multi- hop networks should operate reliably (IEEE 802.15.4E, IETF RPL), how they can integrate within the Internet (IETF 6LoWPAN), and how utilities and end users should interact (OpenADR). All of these standards are being finalized. The OpenWSN project aims at federating these standards into a fully- functional protocol stack, at implementing these on a number of hardware and software platforms, and at testing the resulting network in realistic residential, commercial and industrial facilities. All of the software developed is open-source and accessible at"

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