Sunday, February 7, 2010

Smart Grid Day on Wed 21 April 2010 at IEEE PES T&D Conference

IEEE PES and the New Orleans Local Organizing Committee are planning an entire day on Wednesday, April 21 that will be devoted to Smart Grid technology and innovation.

"Smart Grid" is becoming a household term not only in the US but all over the world. Development of a "smart" technology to promote and coordinate more efficient electricity usage has become a key element in the plan to lower energy costs for consumers, achieve energy independence, and re-duce greenhouse gas emissions. A Smart Grid, as defined by the US Department of Energy, integrates advanced sensing technologies, control methods and integrated communications into the existing electricity grid. Although Smart Grid technology presents opportunities for utilities and consumers to benefit from the efficient management of energy, sig-nificant challenges need to be addressed to integrate and deploy these innovative technologies. The IEEE PES is committed to lead the effort to coor-dinate and develop the necessary expertise, standards, and application of Smart Grid technologies.

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