Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tutorial: Programming WSNs at CPSWEEK 2010

Programming Wireless Sensor Networks Beyond Operating Systems: From Theory to Practice
Luca Mottola (Swedish Insitute of Computer Science) and Gian Pietro Picco (University of Trento)
Tutorial during CPSWEEK 2010

"In this tutorial, we build upon our recently published work on the analysis of state-of-the-art WSN programming. We illustrate a thorough classification of available solutions, complemented by direct, practical experience of the technology at hand. We begin with a characterization of WSN applications, to identify the fundamental requirements programming platforms must deal with. This is followed by the core of the tutorial, a taxonomy of WSN programming solutions providing a foundation to classify, compare, and evaluate existing approaches. Throughout the tutorial, we interleave live demonstrations of WSN systems with the presentation of the main tutorial material, to provide attendees with the opportunity to see the technology in action. Our tutorial is aimed at students starting off in the field of WSN programming, and at researchers willing to gain deeper insights in the field. Practitioners can also benefit from the systematic overview on the topic."

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Source: WSN Blog

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