Saturday, September 4, 2010

Arrayent, Inc. Releases the First Tool Kit to Enable Two-Way Communication Between Embedded Wi-Fi® Designs and Web Applications Hosted on the Internet

Cool~! Embedded WiFi gaining momentum!

Arrayent’s Internet-Connect Tool Kit™ Enables Embedded System Designers to Connect Their Embedded Wi-Fi Products to Internet-based Web Applications and Browsers at Low System Cost

Arrayent, Inc., who sells an end-to-end communication system that enables product companies to connect their products to Internet services at low cost and high reliability, announced today the availability of its Internet-Connect Tool Kit™ for Embedded Wi-Fi® applications. The Arrayent Tool Kit enables embedded system designers using Microchip Technology Inc.’s Wi-Fi modules to connect their Wi-Fi enabled products to web applications hosted in the “Internet cloud.”

“Microchip has architected our agency-certified Wi-Fi modules to enable the Internet connection of embedded microcontrollers to a Wi-Fi local area network,” said Tyler Smith, Microchip RF Products Division Marketing Manager. “Arrayent’s Internet-Connect Service complements our embedded Wi-Fi technology by enabling Wi-Fi connectivity and communication with Internet-connected devices outside the LAN.”

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