Thursday, December 9, 2010

Free Webinar: Smart Grid's appeal at the appliance level | Appliance DESIGN.

"Energy efficiency goes the full circuit with the growing application of smart grid infrastructure. Smart meter technology to the home by utilities is just one step. There is plenty of juice to impact dramatic energy savings from home appliances. So it’s time for investing in making appliances smart grid enabled. Smart Grid’s Appeal at the Appliance Level brings together experts from various perspectives to provide a realistic business bottom line on communications to and from appliances and home systems, consumer needs and perceptions, utility advances, government incentives and what different technologies appliance designers and manufacturers can incorporate into their products to connect into the smart grid."


Maggie McFadden Shein, Editor in Chief for appliance DESIGN.
Geoff Mulligan, IPSO Chairman, ISPO Alliance
Wade Patterson, CEO, Synapse Wireless
Bill Ablondi, Director, Home Systems Research, Parks Associates
Bill Romick, VP, Business Development at the DNA Group, Inc.
Brenton Judge, Corporate Engineering Director at Defond Group

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