Thursday, December 9, 2010

Peel uses Zigbee to turn your iPhone into Dongle-Free Universal Remote | Wired

"Peel is a very clever universal remote for your iPhone, combining hardware and software to both clear the mess off your coffee-table and recommend shows.

It works like this. The app, free from the App Store, provides a customized TV guide based on your favorite shows (you need to tell the app which shows you like). Pull up the main screen and you can flip through the night’s time slots and see only shows that you’ll like and that are available to you. And if you really like something, you can tweet it or share on Facebook direct from the app.

But that’s not all. Touch the show you want to watch and the hardware part takes over. A small puck sits on the table, beaming instructions to your cable-box. And a second dongle plugs right into an Ethernet port on your Wi-Fi router. These two talk to each other using the wireless Zigbee protocol and allow you to control the TV via Wi-Fi."

Read More: here via Wired

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