Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ContikiRPL: the new Default Contiki IPv6/6lowpan Routing Protocol!!

Great news!!!

"The Contiki team is happy to announce that ContikiRPL has been made public! ContikiRPL is an open-source implementation of RPL - the proposed standard routing protocol for IPv6 in low-power and lossy networks. Read on for details on how to get ContikiRPL up and running.

RPL works by building and maintaining directed acyclic graphs toward root nodes. The protocol is the result of a collaboration between academia and industry in the ROLL working group at the IETF. In March 2010, an interoperability event hosted by the IPSO Alliance took place in Anaheim, CA. ContikiRPL participated in this event and was tested against a number of emerging RPL implementations.

ContikiRPL operates over low-power wireless links and lossy power-line links. We have successfully run RPL at radio duty cycles below 1% in a low-power wireless testbed. The implementation is fully integrated with the Contiki operating system, and is enabled by default on the Tmote Sky platform. The memory footprints are smaller than 5 kb of ROM and 0.5 kb of RAM.

ContikiRPL has been developed by Joakim Eriksson and Nicolas Tsiftes from the Contiki team.

To run ContikiRPL in the Contiki Cooja network simulator, do the following:
  • Download, install, and start Instant Contiki 2.4
  • Update the contiki-2.x directory to the latest CVS version
    Start cooja:
    cd contiki-2.x/tools/cooja
    ant run
  • In Cooja, open the RPL simulation in contiki-2.x/examples/ipv6/rpl-udp/
  • Press the Start button and see the RPL routing tree form
  • To see more detailed logging from RPL, replace DEBUG_ANNOTATE with DEBUG_FULL in the core/net/rpl/rpl*.c files. "
Source: SICS/Contiki
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