Saturday, November 27, 2010

NFC 2.0 and the Internet Of Things | Dash7 Blog

"By now many of you have read about Google’s announcement about putting support for NFC into Android. Coupled with Nokia and RIM’s announcements of their intentions, and at least the *rumors* of Apple’s intentions, it’s very clear that NFC’s moment in the limelight is quite near. Advance kudos to all the folks in the NFC community that have labored for years to get to this point as the idea of ditching my credit cards in favor of a mobile phone is a great idea whose time is past due.
So for mobile payments, NFC has a clear and well-defined role to play in the marketplace.Where NFC has struggled is in getting merchants to implement the necessary infrastructure to support NFC and this, as I’m told, remains an issue. But similar to debit cards, the customer will soon demand NFC support from their favorite merchants and merchants will have little choice but to comply. So in just a few years, every major merchant that you and I interact with *offline* will accept NFC-based payments.""
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Monday, November 22, 2010

IEEE Launches Smart Grid World Forum Virtual Conference

PISCATAWAY, N.J., USA, November 22, 2010 – IEEE, the world's largest professional association advancing technology for humanity, today announced that full-length videos of panel discussions and other activities that are part of the first IEEE Smart Grid World Forum will be available for online viewing. The IEEE Smart Grid World Forum Virtual Conference will provide coverage of the event, taking place in Brussels, Belgium on December 2-3, 2010. With in-person registrations at capacity, the videos will provide anytime, anywhere access to expert viewpoints for individuals unable to attend the event.

WHAT: The first IEEE Smart Grid World Forum Virtual Conference will focus on state-of-the-art Smart Grid developments in Europe. The Forum series is a global platform for collaboration to support and promote the Evolution of Smart Grid, and help develop a clear road map towards accelerating Smart Grid advancements worldwide.

WHEN: The fully indexed, easy to navigate video sessions will be available as soon as:
· Day One: December 3rd (from Dec 2 sessions)
· Day Two: December 4th (from Dec 3 sessions)

WHERE: Available for a discounted rate of $325.00, individuals can register in advance, during or after the IEEE Smart Grid World Forum to receive access to the exclusive video materials recorded during the Brussels event at: link

Conference Program: here
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