Thursday, June 30, 2011

IoT in China revisited: centralized views and smart cities are taking off | Florian Michahelles

It would be great if some 6LoWPANers or someone from IPSO Alliance can attend this meeting next time /HM

"Again, I had the chance to attend the IoT Conference organized by Shanghai International Exhibition in China, a continuation of the series started in 2010. The audience included about 400 participants from business all over China. I contrast to last year, about half of the speakers were international."


"Paul Havinga presented a nice definition of IoT: 'Everything is networked; Smart objects and global connectivity allows for open multi-purpose services'.

Thus, IP cannot be solution, not even the low-power versions as 6LoWPAN as being too expensive and too complex for cheap and small devices. Instead, he proposed the integration of various technologies coupled with embedded intelligence as a way for establishing distributed collaboration. The IoT would allow to collect information and to make information available right at where the action is."

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