Monday, October 17, 2011

Research Paper: 6LoWPAN Stacks- A Survey by Yibo, Chen et al.

Sorry I couldn't access the publication at home but as the abstract mentions major implementations of 6lowpan i.e. uIP/ContikiSICSlowpan6lowpancliB6LoWPANBLIPNanoStack and Jennic's stack, I thought its worth sharing. /HM

6LoWPAN Stacks- A Survey by Yibo, Chen et al.
"Abstract: Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is one of the key technologies of 21st century, while it is a very active and challenging research area. It seems that in the next coming year, thanks to 6LoWPAN, these wireless micro-sensors will be embedded in everywhere, because 6LoWPAN enables P2P connection between wireless nodes over IPv6. Nowadays different implementations of 6LoWPAN stacks are available so it is interesting to evaluate their performance in term of memory footprint and compliant with the RFC4919 and RFC4944. In this paper, we present a survey on the state-of-art of the current implementation of 6LoWPAN stacks such as uIP/Contiki, SICSlowpan, 6lowpancli, B6LoWPAN, BLIP, NanoStack and Jennic's stack. The key features of all these 6LoWPAN stacks will be established. Finally, we discuss the evolution of the current implementations of 6LoWPAN stacks."

Link: here

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