Friday, May 20, 2011

CDM Media Partners with IPSO Alliance

"Chicago, IL, May 18, 2011 –(– The CDM Media team announced today that it has partnered with the IPSO Alliance for three 2011 technology events.
The IPSO Alliance is an open, informal and thought-leading association of like-minded organizations and individuals that promote the value of using the Internet Protocol for the networking of Smart Objects. The IPSO Alliance performs interoperability tests, documents the use of new IP-based technologies, conducts marketing activities and serves as an information repository for users seeking to understand the role of IP in networks of physical objects.
The IPSO Alliance partnered with CDM Media on the following events:
· CIO Summit –
· CIO Healthcare Summit –
· CIO Utilities Summit –"
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arduino-based Android hardware debuts at Google I/O

"SAN FRANCISCO--There's more to hacking Android than just customizing the operating system. Soon you'll be able to customize your own Android hardware, Google announced today at Moscone Center West during its Google I/O confab.
The Android Open Accessory initiative and the Android Device Kit, which is built on the open-source Arduino, will let developers create their own hardware accessories that can be controlled by Android. During this morning's keynote speech, Google demonstrated a Labyrinth-style game controlled using the ADK."

Read more: CNET: Arduino-based Android hardware debuts at Google I/O

Monday, May 16, 2011

NXP's GreenChip Smart Lighting Solution Opens an Entirely New Dimension in Energy Efficient Lighting

"EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS--(Marketwire - May 16, 2011) - What if every light bulb had its own unique Internet IP address? The possibilities are endless: You could monitor, manage and control every light bulb from any Internet-enabled device -- turning lights on and off individually, dimming or creating scenes from your smartphone, tablet, PC or TV -- to save energy as well as electricity costs. Your "smart lighting" network could have dozens or even hundreds of appliances connected through a wireless network designed for maximum energy savings, communicating information about their environment, about power consumption levels, and alerting you to any problems. Today, NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQNXPI) is introducing its GreenChip™ smart lighting solution that makes the Internet-enabled, energy-efficient lighting network a reality -- not only for businesses, but also for consumers trying to make the most of energy savings in the home."

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