Wednesday, June 8, 2011

LiftMaster® Selects Arrayent to Power Its MyQ™ Family of Internet Connected Garage Door Openers

Kudos Arrayent

"Arrayent Inc.’s cloud-based Internet-Connect Service enables LiftMaster to bring Internet connectivity that is both low cost and easy to install to the garage door market.

Elmhurst, IL – June 8, 2011 LiftMaster, the world’s largest manufacturer of professionally installed garage door openers and access systems, announced today that Arrayent, Inc. is its strategic partner to Internet enable its MyQ family of garage door openers that can be monitored and controlled from a PC web browser or smartphone over the Internet. MyQ is LiftMaster’s wireless home area network that connects LiftMaster’s garage door openers to web and smartphone applications. LiftMaster garage door openers connect to the Internet through LiftMaster’s MyQ Gateway that is based on Arrayent’s very low cost residential gateway reference design.

70 percent of American homeowners now use the garage door as their primary entrance way into their homes. “It is exactly because the garage door has become the homeowner’s front door that we were driven to search out a low cost, highly reliable Internet connect technology that was easy to install”, said Mark Karasek, Ph.D., executive vice president engineering & chief technology officer. Mr. Karasek also said, “After exhaustive investigation we determined that Arrayent’s technology was the perfect match for meeting our cost and reliability goals for connecting LiftMaster products to the Internet, and at the same time enable an easy installation process.”

LiftMaster’s MyQ™ Gateway
Mark and his team started their Arrayent technology evaluation by tearing down the Arrayent powered Mattel IM-Me and purchasing an Arrayent Development Kit for Low Power Sub-1GHz RF. Read LiftMaster MyQ Press Release here.

About the LiftMaster® Internet Gateway Model 828LM
MyQ™ Technology allows home owner to monitor and operate their garage door opener and other devices from anywhere in the world using smartphone apps for Android, Blackberry and iPhone, or online. The LiftMaster Internet Gateway plugs into the Ethernet port of a consumer router that connects to the home owner’s internet service.

The Gateway is compatible only with the new generation of LiftMaster residential garage door openers enabled by MyQ™ Technology: the Elite Series™ Belt Drive Unit (8550) and the Premium Series Chain Drive Unit (8360). Available to LiftMaster dealers in August 2011. Read Gateway Fact Sheet here.

About LiftMaster
Throughout the years, LiftMaster, the leader in residential access solutions, has played a vital role in building universal acceptance for garage door openers, now an indispensable home appliance. More importantly, along with help from their network of over 4,000 LiftMaster dealers, they are proud to offer the broadest selection in performance, features, and durability – more so than any other opener brand. For more information on the LiftMaster MyQ product family, please visit

About Arrayent
Arrayent believes that life gets better when products connect. Arrayent sells an Internet-Connect Service that is used by large consumer product companies to connect their products to smartphone and web applications in a low cost and reliable way. Arrayent has optimized its Internet-Connect service on two axes: first, very low cost residential gateway and hardware adder to the product, and second, deliver a just-works-install process to ensure low product return rate and customer support load. Arrayent’s communication system architecture is LAN technology agnostic, enabling customers to preserve their growing investment in web and smartphone applications and at the same time, support multiple home area network technologies. Arrayent’s cloud computing communication infrastructure is hosted at redundant co-locations to ensure high system reliability. Customers have called Arrayent the “Cisco of small things.” More information is available at ."

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Monday, June 6, 2011

6LoWPAN: The wireless embedded Internet - excerpts Part 1 and 2

6LoWPAN: The wireless embedded Internet - EE Times

The following are excerpts from the book "6LoWPAN: The Wireless Embedded Internet", by Zach Shelby and Carsten Bormann.

6LoWPAN: The wireless embedded Internet - Part 1: Why 6LoWPAN?
6LoWPAN: The wireless embedded Internet - Part 2: 6LoWPAN history, market perspective & applications

NETCONF on Constrained Devices (NETCONF Light)

"The Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF)[I-D.ietf-netconf-4741bis] provides mechanisms to install, manipulate, and delete the configuration of network devices. The primary target were network devices such as routers or switches that usually have plenty of resources for running a NETCONF server.

However, there are a number of embedded systems where resources (most notably memory) are tight and hence such devices can only afford a subset of the NETCONF protocol operations. This document defines a subset of NETCONF, called NETCONF Light, that can be implemented on resource constrained devices.

The usage of NETCONF Light on resource constrained devices is attractive in environments where management applications have to deal with a wide range of different devices, ranging for example from from very small embedded networked sensors over more powerful data aggregation servers up to highly complex control networks. Typical examples are Smart Grids or more general industrial control networks."

A URL for this Internet-Draft is:
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