Tuesday, March 13, 2012

IPSO Announces 2012 Series of Interoperability Tests and Spring Member Meeting

"The IPSO Alliance is proud to announce two upcoming interoperability events to be held in Paris, France, in conjunction with the IPSO 2012 Spring Member meeting.

  • On March 24-25, the IPSO Alliance and the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) will assemble companies from around the world to validate understanding of the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) base specification under development by IETF, and to test protocol implementation interoperability and conformance. Test results will be provided to both the IETF and Internet of Things (IoT) communities to enhance the quality of these developing standards. For more information on this event, visit http://www.ipso-alliance.org/COAP2012 .
  • Following the Paris IETF meeting (March 25-30), IPSO will host its Spring Member Meeting at the Hotel Concorde La Fayette on April 2-3. The two-day meeting will provide members with committee updates and planning sessions for ongoing protocol and device testing. IPSO Chairman Geoff Mulligan says, "We're looking forward to our first European meeting and bringing together our more than 60 members as we make plans for our future work with Smart Energy, Healthcare, and Intelligent Buildings." The meeting is exclusively for members; if you are interested in attending, please contact info@ipso-alliance.org for membership information.
  • On April 3-4, IPSO will test a "whole system concept" and interoperability of IoT devices based on a new Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Profile IPSO is developing. These devices will include fully embedded IP software from IEEE 802.15.4 through the application layer, including IPv6, UDP, TCP, HTTP, CoAP and 6LoWPAN interacting with graphical M2M web applications. Additionally, IPSO plans to test direct device-to-device interoperability as well as test interoperability between heterogeneous networks. At the conclusion of the test event, IPSO will report on the current status of IoT and M2M Interoperability." 

Via: MarketWatch

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